Roger Cruickshank spent 14 years training custodial personnel in proper procedures and systems. He worked at such companies as Guardian Sanitary Supply, Masury Columbia, and was a partner in All Chem Supply. He founded Altos Building Maintenance in 1998 with a mission to provide professional janitorial service at a reasonable cost , utilizing the newest technologies available.

Vice President


Chase Cruickshank started working for Altos during the summers of high school and college. Summers were spent learning every aspect of facility maintenance and operations for Altos. At the University of Oregon, Chase majored in Business and Spanish. Now he is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, managing many of our key accounts.

Operations Manager


Gerardo Osorio  has over 30 years experience in the janitorial industry. He managed the entire janitorial staff at Solyndra and LinkedIn. At Altos he has many responsibilities as Operations Manager and we feel extremely fortunate to have him. His experience managing janitorial staff is invaluable for us and our clients.  

Area Manager


Jose Ines Aragon is our Area Manager overseeing key accounts and facilitating our utility work. He has been with Altos since its inception in 1998. Jose previously supervised a janitorial staff of over 40 janitors at a large Hewlett-Packard facility.  

Utility Crew Foreman


Reynaldo Victor Ramirez has been with Altos for over 10 years and was formerly responsible for heading up all utility work for Cisco Systems. Victor’s wife Lucia is also an Altos employee with over 20 years service.

Janitorial Staff


Our janitorial staff is the heart and soul of our business! We value our employees and encourage their growth. Altos has one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry.